'Inside the TCMA' featured Article
The TCMA in Austin
   Clifford Smith  |  October 8, 2011

On March 8, 2011, TCMA members visited Austin to meet with Gov. Rick Perry to highlight issues critical to the growth and strength of the Cast Metals Industry in Texas.

The TCMA lobbied the governor and state legislators to enact legislation that will make Texas a desirable place for companies to relocate. TCMA stressed that there are multiple ways to make Texas a No. 1 choice for new businesses.

TCMA meets the Governor
From left to right: Shane Dillard, John Sturkie, Carolyn Mittasch, Jerald Mittasch, Peter Macler,
the Gov., Chris Norch, Dorthy Lewis, Ralph Lewis, Clay Quaife, Tom McCormack, Dan Smith.

Association members urged both the state and federal governments that energy intensive operations such as foundries require low cost energy resources. Our organization advised the governor the best option for low-cost energy sources for foundries were coal or nuclear power.

TCMA stressed how competitive labor rates and reasonable work practice rules are to the companies we represent. Our organization advocated for legislation that would implement vocational and technical classes in our educational system.

Other key issues for which TCMA members lobbied during their spring visit to the Capitol:
A higher emphasis on “hands-on” approaches to help solve our industry’s shortage of skilled labor.

TCMA members have voiced concern that skilled labor will become an even greater necessity if Texas welcomes more industrial plants from Monterrey, Mexico.

Environmental regulations need to be in the state’s and TCMA’s best interest, not individual politician’s. Perry has been supportive of policies that base regulations and per-mitting processes on “hard science.” The TCMA maintains that the state government should be restructured to create a healthy balance that encourages investment while simultaneously promoting an eco-friendly and pro-business environment.