'Inside the TCMA' featured Article
Comments from the Chairman
   Owen Daniel  |  April 21, 2016

Dear Members,

Let’s talk about Dates.

Not the kind that we had in High School or on the Singles Scene or the kind you sometimes like to celebrate with your one-and-only over drinks and dinner or milestones you must pay attention to in your daily duties. Let’s talk about important dates relative to our Cast Metals Industry.

My tenure as you incoming Chair started with the TCMA’s Annual Meeting in Tyler Texas on April 5, 2016. As you all know, this meeting is our opportunity to gather and confer (and have a few laughs) regarding issues affecting our Industry and prospective means of mitigation. I was so impressed with the Attendees and the Speakers and the Agenda and the Venue at this meeting that I want to offer thanks again to Dr. and Mrs. Smith for planning, coordinating and executing a most excellent event. If you want to go to a top-shelf Association meeting, DO NOT FAIL TO ATTEND THIS EVENT IN THE FUTURE.

Another noteworthy date was March 22, 2016 when the Staff of NFFS (Non-Ferrous Founders Society) and I had the opportunity to testify at an OSHA hearing in Washington regarding the Agency’s Proposed Beryllium Standard. This Proposed Rule in its drafted form (though not comprehensive in terms of the NUMBER of foundries affected) would be ruinous for some members of our shrinking Cast Metals Industry (a synopsis of this testimony can be viewed at http://www.nffs.org/news/281333/NFFS-Testifies-at-the-OSHA-Hearing-on-the-Proposed-Beryllium-Rule.htm).

Another important date: April 11 2016. This was when the First Petition was filed, by Industry, to stop the promulgation & passing of OSHA’s New Silica Standard in its drafted form. So much has been written & said about this proposed and ruinous over-reach by a Regulatory Agency that I will not detail it here but it is relative to:

May 18, 2016 is the beginning of the AFS Gov Affairs Conference in Washington DC. As you current Chairman, and as I stated in my Introductory Letter, I will be there and have the opportunity to hear expert discussion and bear witness to the issues affecting our Industry; and have the opportunity to visit my Elected Representatives, in their Legislative offices, and tell them in person what gives us anxiety as metal-casters. Many of you have heard me say repeatedly that the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO is establish a personal relationship and rapport with your Elected Officials. If you don’t make your voice heard, no one else will. Or as our erstwhile Chair Mr. Chris Norch has said, “If you don’t have a seat at the table, you’ll be on the menu!” I will recap the AFS GAC in a future newsletter.

And lastly I want to cite the most important upcoming date of all: November 8, 2016. This is Election Day, not only for President but many Senators and District Representatives have terms to expire. Get informed, get involved, get to know your Official and make yourself aware of your candidate’s platform and implementation plan. If you don’t vote (and vote intelligently), you have no right to complain.

Blessings to You All,

Owen Daniel
TCMA Chairman, GM, Midland Mfg, NFFS Govt Affairs Chair