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 Southwest Steel Casting Company Reaches a Milestone
   Clifford Smith  |  November 5, 2015

Southwest Steel Casting made history on September 15, 2015 by working more than 2,000,000 hours without a lost time injury. The company, which was established in 1971, and the business which was acquired by American Railcar Industries Inc. in 1989, has become a leader in safety for the steel foundry industry.

State Representative David Simpson addresses the employees and guests

Located in Longview Texas, Southwest Steel Casting (www.swscc.com) has established itself as a reliable foundry serving the energy, construction, transportation, marine and mining industries. As a specialized steel casting foundry, Southwest Steel operates two no-bake foundries with both arc furnace and induction melting operations, capable of producing castings from 10 to 4,500 lbs.

Representative Simpson presents a Texas flag which ἀew over the state capitol to
SWSCC President and incoming TCMA Vice-Chairman Harry Phillips.

The mission of Southwest Steel is to consistently exceed customer expectations, provide opportunities for employees, strive for zero defects, and foster improvement, innovation, and growth. The company is dedicated to complying with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, while conducting business with integrity and genuine concern for the safety and welfare of the community.

Gregg County Precinct Two Commissioner Darryl Primo addresses the employees and guests.

The journey towards the 2M goal began almost 5 years ago with the implementation of the “We are Serious about Safety” plan which focused on a teamwork approach to safety and rewarded teams who performed work safely. Since the realization of the new plan, Southwest Steel has been honored with many safety awards, including the Steel Founder’s Society award, as well as being in the top five companies in the OSHA appointed industry code. 

Celebration on the company grounds

Harry Phillips, President of Southwest Steel, recognizes that: “This accomplishment is a testament to the great people we have working at Southwest. When you really think about the processes at this facility; pouring molten metal, welding operations, cutting operations, grinding operations, I think you can appreciate just how much this accomplishment means to us. I am very proud of each employee. This safety objective would not have been attained without the support and dedication of Jeff Hollister, CEO of American Railcar and ALL the dedicated employees at the foundry.”