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TCEQ Delinquent Fees & Penalties
   Clifford Smith  |  August 21, 2012

The TCEQ has changed its protocol for delinquent payment of fees and penalties. As of September 1, 2012, if you have an outstanding delinquent balance of $25 or more, the TCEQ will consider your account delinquent for the purposes of application review. Previously, if you had an outstanding delinquent balance of $200 or more, your account was considered delinquent.

This new protocol applies to all fees and applications, including those submitted via the TCEQ’s ePermits system. Also, previously exempted fees such as General Permits are now included in the protocol.   If you are delinquent in paying $25 or more in fees or penalties to the TCEQ, we will not issue, amend, or renew permits, registrations, certifications, or licenses you may need.   The TCEQ will update information about payments daily across all TCEQ systems.  If you do not have a delinquent outstanding balance of at least $25, you will not be affected.

For more information on the TCEQ delinquent fee and penalty policy, please visit the TCEQ Delinquent Protocol Web page. If you have questions regarding the new protocol, please contact the TCEQ Revenue Operations Manager, Greg Yturralde, at 512-239-1951.