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AFS Request for Input on the OSHA Silica Rule
   Clifford Smith  |  January 20, 2014

Dear Members,

As we approach the deadline for voicing our opposition to OSHA's proposed silica rule, the AFS has asked the individual state groups to make a final push for being heard. I have attached 3 files. One is the AFS alert that went out today. Another is a sample letter (short form) to affix your name to and submit to the Docket. The third file is a sample letter (long form) in which you can input actual cost data to support our position that this rule has tremendous negative implications for our industry. Remember, the deadline is quickly approaching on January 27th!

Clifford Smith
Executive Director
Texas Cast Metals Association
6529 Cliffside Dr.
North Richland Hills, Texas 76180

UPDATE (January 25, 2014)

OSHA has provided an additional 15 days on comments for the silica rule. We now have until Friday, January 31st to get Representative Joe Barton's letter signed on to by as many representatives as we can muster. Stephanie Salmon has drafted an updated Barton letter for us to present to our representatives and is attached to this email. So far, we have Texas Representatives Granger, Flores, Hall, and Poe signed on to the letter. If you have not contacted your representative, I urge you to do so early next week. This is an opportunity for us to make another call to our representatives!